Children’s Book: The Moon Inside

The Moon Inside-children-Book

The Moon Inside

by: Sandra V. Feder

Kids and the dark have never made the best of friends together. At some point, your child has or will go through a bit of anxiety when the lights go out or as nighttime falls. Ella feels the same anxiety and always looks for her Mom’s hand to guide her through the night.

Sometimes the best way to conquer fear is to try and find some beauty or an intriguing part of the fear. For those afraid of night, perhaps intriguing them with all the moon brings is enough to make them love and want to see the moon. Ella now loves the moon which makes nighttime more enjoyable. This was fun to read to my son who still holds onto the fear of dark at age 8. He is OK with lights out but when we travel or he is somewhere new he is not fond of the dark so much.

The-Moon-Inside-Book | Parenting Healthy

The Author is Sandra V. Feder, mother of three who witnessed her own children struggle with fear of the dark. Sandra has also been heavily involved in her local schools and committees and is the Author of the popular Daisy series of children’s books.

Amazon has the book and it is a prime qualifier. Visit to learn more about the author and her books.

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