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Children’s Book: Lady Lucy’s Quest

I was sent copy for feature

by Karen Gross
I have an 8 year old son with a very active imagination. It was just a few years ago he refused to leave home without his cape and Thor hammer-grocery shopping, even at my sister’s wedding (she let him have it walking down the aisle in suit and tie) because he would say he needs it at all times “….just in case”. It was a game and he did it, not due to any anxiety, but because he was a little ham and loved the attention he’d get when stopped and asked about his ‘costumes’. Kids have wild imaginations and Lady Lucy’s Quest is for all of the children who dream big.
The story is about a young girl who wants to be a night in the Middle Ages. Quest after quest, Lady Lucy must prove her worthiness to join the Knights of the Round Table. But will her unusual and unique solutions to each hurdle and obstacle thrown in her path lead her to success? This delightful book demonstrates the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and is sure to inspire kids that they CAN achieve what might seem to be impossible!
Get your copy on Amazon and start your child on a journey of enjoy the illustrations the Author had done by 2 high schoolers.
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