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Children’s Book: Kobee Manatee Shipwreck Sea Friends

Children's Book: Kobee Mantatee Shipwreck Sea Friends

We have done many book reviews on Parenting Healthy and so far the series that my son would say is one of his favorites is Kobee Manatee and his adventures. I would say it is because this series does a great job incorporating weather and science into the story. Each page offers some science facts in an illustrated brown tag within the page. This newest children’s book is called, Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends

Kobee Manatee

Kobee Mantatee Shipwreck Sea Friends was written in collaboration with world-renowned oceanographer and documentary filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau, oldest grandson of legendary ocean pioneer, Jacques Cousteau! How exciting is that? Anthony will tell you more about the story in the video below:

This is a children’s book that makes a great teacher and classroom gift for the end of the year-collect book 1 and 2 of Kobee Manatee also.

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