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Children’s Book: Joey Visits Grandpa

I was sent a copy for feature

by Patricia Nichvolodoff
My Dad loves his Grandsons and as a child I had a special relationship with my Poppy until he passed when I was a teenager. In this book, Joey Visits Grandpa, you get a light comedy in a story of mishaps and problem solving between Joey and his Grandpa.
 Joey loves visiting with his Grandpa and they do a lot of fun things together, but as they go about their day of fun small problems keep occurring. Joey always had Grandpa’s back and was able to fix the problems and eventually come up with a solution..sort of.
The Author is Patricia Nichvolodoff, a teacher and children’s book Author. She is married and lives in British Columbia and all of her books, past and future, can be seen at If you are an Amazon member, the book is available on Amazon as well.
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