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Children’s Book: Izzy the Very Bad Burlgar

I was sent a copy for feature

by Amy Proud
Release: May 3, 2016
Today is the release of another great book from Sky Pony Press, called Izzy the Very Bad Burglar by Amy Proud. There is nothing more engaging than reading the tales of little trouble makers. What this book brings is a lesson about doing what is right and avoiding peer pressure. It is meant for the ages of about 3-6 and they will love the engaging illustrations.
Izzy is the trouble maker of the story, but he is actually a sweet and charming girl who comes from a family of burglars. Every time Izzy tries to steal something go she gets a funny feeling in her stomach that doesn’t go away. She is told to try harder at being a better burglar. To get rid of this guilty feeling, she tidy’s up and even bakes to leave behind a positive after stealing from homes. Follow her journey as she learns to not be a good burglar, but a good person. It is a fun story for the family to read together.
Available at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon

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