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Children’s Book Giveaway – My BIG Book of Beginnings

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My BIG Book of Beginnings!

My BIG Book of Beginnings! 

by: Carmel Stoesz

The book is meant to inspire children to turn to themselves for reassurance, encouragement, and comfort. It falls in line with Attachment Parenting and Conscious Parenting principles that aim to teach the children how to feel secure in themselves. The text is written in an imaginative way that leaves a lot to be interpreted by the reader.
For instance, no gender is used in the book so that both boys and girls can easily identify with the main character. Instead of focusing on the identity of the character, the book focuses on the possibilities of the adventure the character is on. The accompanying dreamlike illustrations are absolutely beautiful and really make the book.
The author not only aims to impact positive change in the homes of children all over the country, but she also aims to help others in the process. For every 10 books sold, 1 book will be donated to children in less fortunate circumstances such as women’s shelters, orphanages, and refugee camps.
Buy the book: Available on Amazon
It’s a really sweet mission and I’m so grateful to share it with you, so we are hosting a giveaway of the book!
Click HERE and use code: ParentingHealthy to enter!
Giveaway Ends on June 21, 2018. Good Luck!

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