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Children’s Book | Ghost in the Key of A: Pythagoras

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Children's Book | Ghost in the Key of A: Pythagoras

Ghost in the Key of A: Pythagoras
by T. Katz

Whether your child loves listening to music or plays an instrument, it is easy to dig deep into the history of music and apply those concepts and happenings to life today-even at a child’s level.
In this story, Ghost in the Key of A: Pythagoras is just as the title suggest. Every time Pricilla, a young pianist, hits the sticky A key a Ghost appears. This ghost takes her on a learning journey through the history of music. It is hard to sit inside and practice an instrument or talent while all of your friends are outside. Finding a purpose and connection to one thing while your friends are busy elsewhere is hard to do. 
Sometimes, all it takes is one true story or a historical fact to be learned that engages you to want to excel and stick to your obvious talent. Such a great read for the older child. 
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