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Children’s Book: Brooklyn Bat Boy

I was sent sample copy for feature

by Geoff Griffin
April 2016
Brooklyn Bat Boy is a new release book just in time for the April 15th- Jackie Robinson Day! It was April 15, 1947 when Jackie Robinson officially joined the Brooklyn Dodgers Major League Baseball Team as the the first African American player. In those years this caused some mixed emotions. The all-american sport saw a huge change and step forward. 
Bobby Kelly is a 12 year-old bat boy that year and this story is written from this boy’s perspective as he struggles with his friends and family’s disapproval of this new player on the team versus his own emotions and feelings as a huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan. What we learn in this story is that a team is about a new family, acceptance and courage. Feelings aside, the team has a strong player and together the Dodgers embrace their new teammate and he learns to do the same forming his own feelings and learns a lot following Jackie’s examples.

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