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Children’s Book: A Handful of Numbers

I was sent a sample copy for feature

by Christinia Cheung
A Handful of Numbers is the newest title in the Hands-on-Prints book selections. This book introduces numbers 1-10 in relation to Earth and its features. It is a Montessori-inspired number book that teaches both a bit of number sense and engagement about the world around us.
  • One Earth
  • Two Poles
  • Three Oceans
  • Four Directions
  • Five Geologic Layers
  • Six Colors of the Rainbow
  • Seven Continents
  • Eight Planets
  • Nine Weather Patterns
  • Ten Fingers-that build

This is not just a typical toddler number book laid out like above but rather takes each page by number order and helps build awareness and educates on each feature of the World and what makes it up as well as what connects us to it as a whole. My son is 7 and it was not a number book to us, but rather a bit of Geology and education about the World he did not comprehend before.

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