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Children Can Save, Spend and Share with Moonjar

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There is nothing too typical about money and children. This is because children gain much of their financial knowledge from their parents and no 2 households have the same financial situation. Should the schools teach children how to budget? Of course, the basics. Should their peers teach them? Depends on their own examples they have seen. The best teacher is you!

Perhaps you teach them your successes. Perhaps you were not so successful so you teach them a new way. Whether you put effort into financial topics with your children or not, they will remember what they saw, or interpreted by watching you talk, spend, argue, scrimp, work 3 jobs or buy lavishes and have them taken back if that may be. So, where do you start?

Moonjar children can save

The best way to teach financial spend, save and sharing tips is with scenarios or conversations. Moonjar can help with all of that so your children can save. It is your tool to teach. The Moonjar is their savings bank by task and the Conversations to Go is your guide.

children can save conversations

Conversations To Go: Money allows you to share opinions and dreams. A great dinner table topic or for get togethers. See how fun it can be to hear how your children put financial topics into their own words. Let it help you find the right lessons to preach.

children can save cards

The Classic Moonjar Moneybox helps your child divide their expenses into save, spend, share. Later on, think of it as spending, savings and bills and now with a sense of giving back-in any way you can. Let it become a habit because if you can’t give back financially, you can always give time. It comes with a budget book to so they can track their progress.

moneyjar children can save

Visit Moonjar for more great products like these that make excellent gift ideas.

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Haley Bradley

I love this idea! We are wanting to teach our kids to save and this looks like a great way.


It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.