Charlotte and the Mysterious Vanishing Place: Kare Kids Book #2

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Mysterious Vanishing Place: Kare Kids Adventures #2

by Charles A. Salter

Release: July 2016

In June I brought you the book review of of Charles A salter’s first book of this Kare Kids series: The Secrets of Bald Rock Island where a girls named Kelcie goes in search for her father after he disappears at sea. Now book #2 is here and it is about Charlotte and the Mysterious Vanishing Place. Filled with enough suspense for the younger reader, the books are engaging for the 8-12 year olds.


In this story, Charlotte finds a sink hole that is growing rather fast. The problem is it is trapping puppies in a nearby kennel. When a storm hits, it causes havoc and the puppies, including her own are trapped in a tree that is swiftly being swallowed from within the sink hole. It is up to her to save the puppies.

If you enjoy this story and have had the chance to read the original Kare Kids story, there is a #3 story in this series as well. How Three Brothers Saved the Navy would be the third book. Find them all at Amazon and other book stores.

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Charles Salter

Erinn, thanks so much for hosting me again and showcasing my second book in the series! I really appreciate it!