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Charlie’s Birthday Wish teaches the consequences of bullying

This is a promotional post. I was sent a book for this post

Charlie’s Birthday Wish
by Rene Micka
It’s a topic we hate to feel we should discuss with our kids. Bullying happens in every school, every neighborhood and even daycares and homes daily in some form. We tend to focus on raising behaved kids then fearing that they become a victim of bullying. But, what if your child is the bully! How do you take a child with a bully personality and help him or her understand the consequences of bullying in a way they can relate. All kids relate to birthday parties! Charlie’s Birthday Wish is a book that helps kids understand these consequences of being a bully or to kids that are less of a bully and just unkind in ways. Friendship must be earned and Charlie learns this.
I read this with my son who has talked of kids being mean or watching others get bullied. He tends to step back and perhaps feel like he shouldn’t defend, but after reading this and then having discussions I think he understands what his role may be if he witnesses bullying. He really started talking about how he can help a bully see why he shouldn’t bully. It is easier said than done, but it is important to me that my son also understands that when he is unkind it really effects others.
About Rene Micka

Rene Micka is a parent and an educator who has worked with children of all ages for 15 years. She spends a great deal of time volunteering at her children’s Catholic school, where she runs many of the programs. Character education is a focus of all her efforts in the classroom. As a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, Micka’s experiences have led her to have a greater understanding of the issues affecting children in distressed situations. Although she is no longer teaching, she has made it her mission to see to it that children get the better life they deserve. Charlie’s Birthday Wish is her debut children’s book.

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