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Charge 5 Devices at Once with this iPhone X/8 Wireless Hub

Chances are there are devices and cords all over your house. Just when we encountered an era of devices that need constant charging we now have devices that wirelessly charge. So, now we have batteries, devices that need a wire to charge and devices that need no wire but a base. Yikes!

Nomad has the product for you. It is a wireless hub for the device that charges wirelessly and flip it over to find 4 (yes 4!) USB ports so you can gather your cords, get them plugged in and tucked in and set on a table or nightstand to charge 5 devices at once. You can gather all devices and bring them to the new charging hub and get some of the outlet space back in your home and office!

  • Wireless charging compatible with iPhone X/8
  • Powers up to 5 devices (with USB ports)
  • High power output
  • LED charging indicators
  • Ambient light sensor dims LED’s at night
  • USA, EU, UK plug style: 110-240V
  • AirPods can wirelessly charge with AirPods Wireless Charging Case

How sophisticated does this charging hub look? Sleek right? I love the modern and black design and it goes so well with my home decor no matter what room I place the charger in. It also comes with USA, EU and UK plug style: 110-240V options for plugging into the wall. Visit helloNomad to see all their great products that make excellent Father’s Day gifts!

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