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Celiac Awareness Month: Alter Eco Chocolates are Gluten Free

This is a promotional post for Alter Eco

Alter Eco products are Gluten Free
If you or someone you know suffers from Celiac Disease, you know how important it is to avoid many ingredients in the foods they eat! Whether you suffer from gluten or soy sensitivities, Alter Eco wants you to know that you can still enjoy their delicious chocolates!
I was not the first to taste the Alter Echo Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Organic Chocolate Bar when they arrived. I always place product that comes near my workspace above. I was upstairs folding some laundry and when I came down, not only did my son steal my computer, he was devouring the chocolate bar! I should have known better to keep dark chocolate away from him! He loves the fine chocolate like me and when I say fine I mean this 6 year old rarely eats a standard candy bar, but I buy organic or fine chocolates and he knows those are the best!
We love the saltiness of this chocolate bar! I wish I could give you a sample through this computer-sorry! 
About Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a sustainable and fair trade brand who brings in the finest ingredients for their chocolates, sugar and quinoa products. The products are organic, Non GMO Project Verified, gluten and soy free. If you are like me, you seek out to hear from and meet the brand to hear what they have to say so I found this video and you get to see for yourself that this brand is as fair and sustainable as they come.

You can find Alter Eco products at Whole Foods and Target stores nation-wide!
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