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Celebrating Christmas Card Day with PAPYRUS Cards

I was provided samples for feature

If there is one task I tend to slack on it is sending Christmas cards. Step one is remembering to purchase them, step 2 would be to fill them out and step 3 is to mail them. This year I promised myself I will make with all the way through step 3! I have heard throughout the year from family and friends some disconnect they feel with everyone using social media for messaging and how they miss traditional cards. I like getting cards too so to help carry on the Christmas card tradition everyone cherishes I will be sending them this year. I really want to take this year and send amazing cards that are festive and high quality so I am sending PAPYRUS cards. Today is Christmas Card Day so head out and find some cards and gather those addresses!

Above all others, I feel that PAPYRUS cards have the best quality in paper, style and packaging. I always love their hummingbird seals in their card packaging to use and even the envelopes are thick and made with the same quality as the cards. The colors are always beautiful and many cards even have fun pop-up themes and embellishments in the design like glitter, beads and more fun textures.

I also love that you find a card for everyone during the Holidays no matter what traditions and faith they are. There are even nondenominational cards that are simple season greetings or winter themes. I like to include all friends and family and not just for Christmas but for a winter ‘Hello’ right to their mailboxes.


This year I am using a gorgeous card titled the Handmade Metallic Ornaments. These cards come 8 in a box with gold-lined envelopes and sticker closures. This card has gems, glitter, foil and paper layers. The texture is so great on these.


I also think the Whimsy Stockings card is a lot of fun. These 3 dimensional stockings are full of festive colors and the card features felt, paper, glitter and string embellishments. It comes in a striped-lined red card and sticker closure. This is a single card sold on its own for a special recipient who would appreciate the features on this Christmas card. My first thought was how much nieces and nephews or grandchildren would love this card.

You can find PAPYRUS cards at http://www.papyrusonline.com/ or at many retailers nationwide. Let this be the year you carry on that Christmas card in the mail tradition!

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