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Fla-ver Candies have flavors for the adults

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Fla-ver Artisan Crafted Candies are for the ‘inner kid’ in all adults who want that candy experience. They are candies made with natural flavors and colors and are gluten-free which helps take the guilt out of devouring these tiny, tasty candies. If enjoying these candies from a 25 gram treat bag is not enough, you can get the 1 lb. bag to use in a stylish Fla-ver dispenser.
The flavors of Fla-ver Candies are a lot of fun which takes the child out of the candy! You get Cherry, Pineapple Jalapeno, Lime Chipotle, Peppermint, Pop Corn and Mint.
Kickstarter Perks
Fla-ver candies and dispenser is a Kickstarter because they need your help to bring these candies to adults everywhere! As you know from reading my other Kickstarter posts of the past, the more you donate the more they give back to you! Below are the perks you get with your donation.
You know you are dying to see what a Lime Chipotle or Pineapple Jalapeno candy tastes like, right? Help support and share the Fla-ver candies Kickstarter page-they are worth the visit because I have some of these candies and they are guilt-free pleasures!
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Petsmood® Design perks on Indiegogo

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What if I told you that you can keep the dog or cat off your furniture without having to showcase an ugly, bulky dog bed or obnoxious cat climber in your home? Petsmood® is here to bring you pet furniture for the human style. No more stainless steel bowls dropped on your kitchen floors or hairy pet beds that smell on your living room floor. With Petsmood®, you get real furniture that fits your homes style but are for the dogs and cats of your home. 
Petsmood is a brand of MiskDesign that began in 2010 by designing stylish pet furniture. The mission statement says:
“Petsmood® represents the choice to create design for humans & pets to transform the concept of a bed rest for a pet into a real element of design and comfort, under the sign of the living together”

Petsmood® Feeding Bowl & Products Indiegogo Campaign

To further be able to bring you stylish pet products that fit well with your home decor, MiskDesign has their Petsmood® Indiegogo Campaign running aimed to raise funds towards the Petsmood® Feeding Bowl and other stylish pet products while helping pet owners appreciate style and design in their pets furniture within the home.
The Goal: $35,000
The Message: Design for Humans & Pets: The stylish collection for a lifestyle living with your cats and dogs
The perks you get from the Petsmood® Campaign

*$10 Pledge gets you a mention on their donor page and special announcements
*$15 Pledge gets you a stylish Pet on Board sticker for your car
*$25 Pledge gets you a stylish bandana & the Pet on Board sticker
*$35 Pledge gets you a stylish wood Petsmood flash drive & the Pet on Board sticker
*$85 Pledge gets you any color Size 0 Petsmood feeder for cats and XS dogs & Pet on Board sticker
*$95 Pledge gets you any color Size 1 (no lid) Petsmood feeder & Pet on Board sticker
*$115 Pledge gets you any color Size 0 feeder w/ a lid & Pet on Board sticker
*$125 Pledge gets you any color Size 1 feeder w/ a lid & Pet on Board sticker
and many more tiers!
Visit the Indiegogo campaign page now and learn more!


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Kickstarter Feature: Aquasana Filter Water Bottle

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Kickstarter Feature
Aquasana Filter Water Bottle
This one is for all of the water bottle users which is just about everyone at some point and time. I use them and my kids use them for sports and I have to find filtered water to put in it or waste resources by buying bottled water to pour in. So I was alerted to this great product on Kickstarter which will filter our water within the actual bottle! Here is the map of this bottle below….
Almost every Kickstarter has a video that gives you all of the information about the product you need to feel invested and here is Aquasana’s message…

Stop buying bottles of water which are not the best option for the environment and don’t worry about your water source again. Whether you refill at a drinking fountain or someone’s kitchen sink, you will consume only the purest filtered water from that bottle!
Learn more and as with all Kickstarter-you donate even a $1 or more and you get perks! See the perks of Aquasana support here