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Caribbrew Coffee Premium Arabica Beans are handpicked by Haitian Farmers

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If you have researched the many coffee brands on the market, it is obvious that coffee creators have a passion for the quality they offer their consumers. There are so many qualities to Caribbrew that its creators are proud of from the Owners to the sourcing.

Carribrew is coffee and cocoa that is from Haiti. The Haitian culture has always taken pride at the quality of the coffee beans as their main agricultural product. The coffee beans are untouched by chemicals and shade grown above 4000 feet which makes this coffee is smooth and low in acidity.

Caribbrew is women founded and black owned. Even when natural disasters damaged so much of the Haitian crops in recent years, they merged with small scale coffee farmers to deliver the quality, Haitian premium Arabica beans that makes their coffee so delicious and smooth.

Coffee has so many benefits besides consuming, it makes for great body scrubs and beauty ingredients. That is why you wont just find bagged or K-cup Caribbrew coffee, but also ‘coffee-infused’ skincare.

Caribbrew Cocoa

Talking about the quality of the coffee beans, another Haitian staple is the hot cocoa full of aromas. This is not your typical, ‘add a packet to hot water and consume’ cocoa. This is slowly heated, simmered and sweetened to your taste and enjoyed as a rich cocoa perfect for a comfort beverage.

Just as Caribbrew partners with coffee farmers for coffee beans, they also partner with Haitian cacao farmers. You know Caribbrew is offering you a sustainable, premium product in your cup of coffee or cacao. Visit the Caribbrew website to order your coffee, drinking chocolate or skincare.

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