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Capturing Cresselia: Unofficial Stories for Pokemon Collectors

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Capturing Cresselia: Unofficial Stories for Pokemon Collectors

by: Alex Polan

Release: August 9, 2016

What better timing for a new release full of Pokemon-related stories than in the midst of this new Pokemon Go! phase? I do have the app and my son and I play. I have never walked so much and had him want to get up and outside as often since we started playing. Then when this book arrived he had such a wild gasp. He has not put it down.


Capturing Cresselia is a book about kids at camp Pikachu. At this camp, the kids act out their favorite Pokemon adventures. 4 friends are eager to be given the equipment they need to go on the hunt for Cresselia. They go Pokemon Orienteering. But then they get to a lake they need to cross and the only way is on a zip line set up there. This is where the story relates Pokemon evolves with finding courage to battle your own fears. The perfect story for any young reader.

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