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Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero children’s book

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Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero

by: Brod Bagert

Release: April 2016

Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero is about finding that unique power we all have inside of us. I recently had a conversation with some other soccer parents at my son’s practice and we were watching these 7 and 8 year olds play and one or two parents commented on the ‘laziness’ in their child. We see them let the ball roll on by them and don’t see them reacting right away or being aggressive. I notice that about my own son too. He should fight harder, he should be more aggressive. The Assistant Coach who also has a son on the team chimed in with we can teach them skills, but the drive cannot be taught, he said. Drive is either something you have or don’t and it can be learned later on. He was right. It’s easy to sit on the side and critique, but you can’t install hustle and drive and that’s what we see missing from them in their young age at times.

Captain Perseverance had to learn to persevere and that became his strength. Learning to read or do math is such a fright, but once you get it you got it! The more kids grow and struggle through all the tasks they are learning, one by one they get through it and in time learn to have that grit or drive to make it through learning and practice to be someone great.


Topics and themes explored in Captain Perseverance include:

  • The importance perseverance when pursuing success in all areas of life.
  • Instilling grit in children through the timeless power of engaged story telling.
  • The power of “start with your worst, then make it better and better and better.”
  • The role of perseverance in Bagert’s own midlife metamorphosis from lawyer-politician to children’s poet.
  • How our ingrained vocabulary, such as using the phrase “do your best” often sets children up for failure.

You can get your copy on Amazon or other book retailers. It really is an easy read and a great way to stop and encourage practice and perseverance. The next stop for the tour will be PopWrapped!

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