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Can Flexible Work Options Benefit Your Family?

Can Flexible Work Options Benefit Your Family?

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In a recent study, 90% of participants said that they either now work flexibly or wish that they had the option to do so. It is clear through this study, and every other piece of research available on the subject, that flexible work options are the future for many industries. From spending less time stuck in traffic to spending more time with family, remote work and flexible hours are delivering a satisfying work-life balance to workers around the world.

One of the most common reasons individuals seek out flexible/remote work opportunities is to benefit one’s family life. Although core reasons vary, it is obvious that a flexible schedule can be easier to manage for families than a fixed 9-to-5, Monday through Friday schedule. If you’ve considered transitioning to a flexible work option, explore how it can transform your family’s life for the better.

Provides a steady option to work later in life

The latest figures show that many individuals are not prepared for retirement. In fact, “20 percent of Americans don’t save any of their annual income at all.” What is even more alarming is that over 40% of Americans have $10,000 (or less) saved when they retire. If you are planning to work until later in life for any number of reasons, flexible work can help you stay employed for a longer period of time. Rather than having to endure long hours at the office, tiring commutes, or a highly physical retail job, flexible work is a great choice for older adults. Additionally, many remote work positions can be performed part-time or full-time.

Allows more time spent with family

In a report that was published in early 2018, it was revealed that American families only get about 37 minutes of quality time with each other on a daily basis. This fact is especially disappointing when considering that the average one-way commute time among all cities is 26.9 minutes. Those who participate in flexible/remote work can spend significantly more quality time with family, as commute time is almost never needed. Flexible work also adds more time into one’s day from breaks that would normally be spent away from home. Also, because daily schedules are often easy to change, those who work remotely can more frequently attend special events and family gatherings than those who work a fixed schedule.

Save money in surprising areas

Commuting to and from work can get expensive depending on the distance you have to drive, and your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Takeout lunches, specialty work attire, and other work-related expenses can also quickly add up. However, individuals who work remotely can save on these expenses. These savings can then be put into other things for the family, including vacations, college savings, and home upgrades.

If your line of work allows for it, switching to a flexible work option is especially useful if you are looking to achieve more of a work-life balance. By allowing you to work longer to save for retirement, providing more quality time with family, and helping reduce work-related expenses, flexible work can provide some exciting benefits for you and your family.

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