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Calling all Duck Dynast fans! I am giving away a costume-come enter and you can be Willie for Halloween!

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I am a such a fan of Duck Dynasty! It started one day flipping through channels then stopping at Duck Dynasty. I found myself captivated on the episode. Next thing I know, I am watching every new episode and now my husband has gotten attached as well. So I was asked recently if I wanted to host a giveaway for a Duck Dynasty costume and a few things worried me….

  • I was afraid that by giving away Willie-the costume that my readers in the deep South may feel excluded. I mean to go around dressed like Wille may leave neighbors confused about their costume choice. Who dresses up as their next door neighbor for Halloween?
  • The I thought of my readers who live a sheltered life in upscale neighborhoods.  Willie is NOT a hobo and he may easily be mistaken as the drunk looking uncle forced to take his nephews Trick-or-Treating and who wants to be known as a hobo or the drunk uncle by those who just don’t get it?
  • Then I thought of my readers who combine Halloween with a nice dinner party. I have yet to ever meet Willie in person, but often wonder how he successfully gets food into his mouth and gracefully chews it without becoming a mess! I can’t eat with a white shirt on-how can you get food past the mess of that beard? Would my winner be able to gracefully eat dinner as Wille?

Well, when I weigh my concerns against the large number of Duck Dynasty fans I thought ‘What the heck!’ I will offer my readers the Willie costume! So here you go……..

You can find Willie, Uncle Si and Phil at as well as Party City! Go now-these costumes won’t last! Visit A&E to see the Duck Dynasty episodes on TV!

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I was not compensated for this post. Giveaway courtesy of the above sponsor.

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35 thoughts on “Calling all Duck Dynast fans! I am giving away a costume-come enter and you can be Willie for Halloween!”

  1. The site is a one-stop shop for all things Duck Dynasty, including links to their individual twitter accounts. A few weeks ago I was on there and they had the first chapter of Si's book posted.

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