Perfect your Cajun recipes with Cajun Life Products

Perfect your Cajun recipes with Cajun Life Products

I love cajun flavor! Yet, it is real hard to get cajun flavoring right in my home kitchen. I will find cajun recipes rated well and even marinade for best flavors but it is not that bold flavor I expect. When I learned about the Cajun Life products, I had to give them a try.

Cajun Life products were created by Louisiana natives living in Oregon that missed the real cajun flavors from home. They founded the perfect blends and made them available to us all in their product line.

Cajun story

To me, Cajun is not just one flavor. Cajun is what you do to specific foods to give them a bold, spice that isn’t a mouth-curling spice but rather a blend of all flavors that just come together well on cooked or smoked meats and vegetables. I have joked with my son who claims to not like the ‘cajun flavor’ by telling him ‘cajun is NOT a flavor, it’s a food experience’. 

You can take the spices and create your own meals or use the boxed meals and easily make a side or main dish in minutes following the box directions. We love using sausage in the the Jambalaya Mix. My son loves the red beans and rice as a meal with chicken or sausage. Yes, the son who claimed to not like cajun! 

Spruce up steamed veggies

I love sprucing up steamed veggies like broccoli. Once the veggies cool enough just put them in a ziploc bag and add some olive oil and All-Purpose Cajun Seasoning. Next, shake them up, lay flat on a baking sheet and roast in the oven at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes. Remove, sprinkle some parmesan and let it melt a bit on top then serve on plates.

Buy Cajun Life foods

Visit A Cajun Life and add our favorites to your cart today! You will find that the prices are like grocery store prices so you do not overspend because you are buying their foods online! You get free shipping after only $30 subtotal.

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