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Caffeine Withdrawl: The New Mental Disorder

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Caffeine Withdrawl

I love my caffeine and it helps me through some sluggish days when I need to be at my best. However, working at the high school and raising older boys the misuse and overuse of caffeine can be quite scary. A few years ago there was an awareness about the new mental disorder diagnosis via the DSM-5 article that names Caffeine Withdrawls as a part of the already established caffeine disorders. Caffeine can be found in coffee and also within energy drinks. Have You Had The Energy Drink Talk With Your Kids? In that post, I shared a section regarding Caffeine Intoxication. That is when you have too much caffeine in a short period of time.

Caffeine Intoxication is described at as consuming more than 500-600mg of Caffeine in a day. In some cases, caffeine overdose can cause fatal consequences. You can end up with digestive discomfort, dehydration, sleep problems, mood changes, muscle tremors and heart rate changes to name a few.

A Caffeine Buzz can occur when you have had more than 250mg of caffeine and experience 5 or more of the following symptoms: restlessness, nervousness, excitement, insomnia, flushed face, frequent urination, GI upset, muscle tremors, speech slurs, heart palpitations, leg restlessness, spontaneous movements/twitches. This is according to TIME News Feed.

Now enter Caffeine Withdrawl! This may cause headaches, fatigue and a difficulty focusing. The headaches according to many who have consumed large amounts of caffeine then suddenly stopped are extremely painful!


Why a disorder?

We hear the word withdraw being used and have seen it online also. It is also being referred to as a syndrome. So for fun, here is a quick education-Disorder refers to a disturbance in function. A Syndrome is multiple symptoms that when combined are characteristic of a disorder. Caffeine withdraw inevitably causes multiple symptoms leading to a disturbance in everyday functions! It’s a cycle.

Having excruciating headaches and an inability to focus that overuse of caffeine ca cause can disrupt work, driving and other routines. To name it as a syndrome can only bring awareness and programs to educate us all of the effects, be it good or bad, of the drug many of us use on a daily basis! That’s it! Awareness is education and to include in the DSM-5 is where this syndrome belongs as the energy drink/mocha/caffeine hype continues.

Resources: Time News Feed, of my favorite health news sites! I was not compensated for this post. No sponsors are included. 

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4 thoughts on “Caffeine Withdrawl: The New Mental Disorder”

  1. I don't drink coffee but I do get caffeine in my diet cokes. I recently have switched to Lime sparkling water which is actually pretty good. I don't drink that much diet coke to get much of a caffeine buzz.

    Interesting information. Thanks

  2. Great post! Weirdly with me I only have 1 Medium Coffee in the morning and I get headaches when I don't! Other then that I drink decaf green tea all day long. I know my sister in law has this disorder!

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