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CableKeepers make great Father’s Day Gifts

This is a promotional post for Nice. Opinions are my own

Father’s Day Gift Guide Feature
Nice CableKeepers for iPad and iPhone
Here is a must have gift idea for the techy, traveling or working Dad from Nice by Design. My husband travels for work and as a family we do a lot of traveling and camping. I cannot tell you how many cords we have unraveled from suitcases or pulled apart from in the car on road trips. This is not healthy for the life of the charging cord and these CableKeepers solves the problem of bent and bulky cords everywhere. The colors are bright so they are easy to spot in a bag or purse.
My cord has been thrown in so many bags and tossed around the car that it is dirty and worn and these cords are not cheap! With a CordKeeper that costs only $13, this saves my expensive charging cords and saves me money by not having to replace those cords so often.

One you choose your color and put your charger in the keeper, you can keep it on all the time. It will stay on as you plug the charger back in the wall and keep the cord wrapped and off of the ground. I have the longer iPhone cord and it holds it just fine.
If you want extra for the rest of the family, choose a color for each individual to keep down on the fights of who’s cord is who’s! Each can be color coded. 

CableKeeps come in 3 designs and 6 colors – Goldie for iPhone, Nibbles for iPad, and Gulp for iPad international. For non-Apple products they offer the Goldie Plus product which combines a Goldie CableKeep with a 5W charger and optional Micro USB cable.  $29.99 with cable, $24.99 without. 

We are always looking for Dad or Grandpa gifts from the kids that are low cost and fun for him and these CableKeepers are a perfect gift! You can find these at The Container Stores and in Canada you can find them at Indigo Book Stores. You may also purchase these online at  http://nicebydesign.com/ and Fab.com

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