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Buying the right Collar and Leash for your New Puppy

Our puppies are 1 year and almost 2. Now that they are just heading out of the puppy stage and becoming ‘Adult’ dogs, I realize there were some items I wish I started out with that you may not have thought about in advance.

I went and bought Maya a collar when we brought her home first and a fancy expandable leash. However, there were 2 things I did not consider when buying these.

First, dog’s grow quickly and I realized one day that her collar was tight and I did not have the next size up on hand. I really should have thought of that and bought one the next size up to have ready because I took her collar off until I could get to the pet store and she spent 3 days with no collar on.

Do you know how many lost pet postings I have seen where the owner ‘had just taken the collar off’ when their pet got out and lost? I hated each day she was not in her collar and always worried a door would get left open and what if she ran off?

Second, an expandable leash is horrible for leash training! Maya loved walks, hated accessories like leashes and constantly pulled and got caught up in the thin leed line. Finally, I got her a harness and a proper leash and it made a world of difference. Pulling was much better and the leash was more comfortable for me to use.

Right now Maya and Leah have the matching collar, harness and leash sets from Doog. Doog is known in Australia as a pet accessory brand and now they are in the US. Maya wears the pink Gromit design and Leah looks good wearing the red Scooby design.

It is obvious your new puppy needs a collar and leash, but remember that they may grow and if your pup is a medium or large breed they grow fast so make sure you plan ahead. It is inevitable that the day you have to take your puppy’s collar off to get a new one is the day they could get out and will be without their ID.

Last, have a training plan or classes lined up and make sure you train with a leash that will work for you and your pup. It really makes a difference in handling.

At Doog, you can find gear and accessories for your dog that have great adventures in mind. You can find collars and leashes like our pups have to pet belts and pools. By the way, look for a post closer to summer with some fun photos of Maya and Leah playing in their Doog Puppy Pool. They LOVE the water so I cannot wait for puppy swim weather.

I love the colors and designs at Doog and I know you will too!

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