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Buy Cheeky products and feed the hungry

This is a promotional post for Cheeky

Nothing brings life to a gathering better than color and table decor! Have you ever been left shamefully handing flimsy boring paper plates over to your guests? What is irritating is that you need about 5 stacked for the support once the plate is loaded down with food. Cheeky not only has bright and cheerful colors and designs on their paper products, but for every product you purchase, Cheeky donates a meal to Feeding America! You get sturdy, decorative paper and plastic tableware, Cheeky donates and the hungry are fed! I am using Cheeky for the holidays and every gathering I have in the future. I want my guests and family to know their meal or snacks they are eating is helping others!

About Cheeky
  • Only available at Target stores 
  • Buy 1 product and Cheeky donates 1 meal to Feeding America
  • Products available in paper and plastic
  • Cheerful colors and patterns
Look for Cheeky products the next time you visit Target and know that by choosing Cheeky paper and plastic tableware, you are contributing to a widespread issue by helping to feed a hungry family. If you know someone that relies on a local food bank for their families nutrition, then you can contribute to that cause. Buy Cheeky-Donate a meal!
A message from Cheeky founder and CEO, PJ Brice,

“I was shocked when I first realized how big a problem hunger is in America,” says Brice. “This year, we’re on a mission to provide 10 million meals to people served by the Feeding America network – but I know that it’s just the beginning. Cheeky has the potential to play an integral role in ending hunger in America for good!”

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own
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