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Brush your Pet’s teeth without a toothbrush with Petsmile

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

We know to brush our teeth twice a day to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We do this to avoid dental issues and high-cost procedures and we also do this because tooth decay and harmful bacteria is directly linked to the heart and can cause heart disease and other systemic problems. Pet’s are no different. You can end up with these exact issues if you neglect their teeth!
I worked for a few years as a Veterinary Assistant and one of the most standard procedures was sedative teeth cleaning and it is expensive. Just to think how many of these could be lessened or avoided with daily brushing. Want to know how much a tooth extraction on a pet is for an infected tooth? No you don’t-trust me!
“But there is no way my pet will let me near him with a toothbrush!”
That’s OK! You do not need a toothbrush with Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste. This AHAA-approved (American Animal Hospital Association) toothpaste only needs to be applied to the teeth and gums as a coating. You do not need a toothbrush because you don’t need to brush. Just apply with your fingers or exclusive Petsmile swab.
Petsmile is a beef flavor your pet will love. When applied to the teeth and gums, it works to attack plaque from bacteria, acid, food and saliva. It safely dissolves in the mouth. Calprox® is the proprietary ingredient and is known to be a non-abrasive tooth cleaner and whitener. There is no need to brush the teeth because it works to dissolve the protein layer that forms on teeth that the plaque are attracted to. Cam, my Granddog, LOVES this! My son has no problem on this excited 10 month old puppy getting this onto his teeth.
You can find Petsmile at and one tube will last you quite a while! You need to pay attention to your pet’s teeth. It is basic and very necessary care! Head over and get your pet’s teeth clean in this new and innovative way-without a toothbrush!
You can find Petsmile products at
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