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Brining your Minion app design to your door with Potatoyz

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

My son just recently had one of the best technology experiences ever. We were asked to download the Potatoyz app on our iPad and create a fun design. After we color, design and decorate our minion or Potatoyz figure (he looks like a Minion cut out so that’s what we refer to it as), they would then print on a 3-D design printer and mail my son’s minion to him. The worst part of the entire process was having a 7 year old so excited to see his minion he went to the mailbox each day with hopes it would be there. I knew it takes 2-10 days after printing and tried to give him a timeline, but he was so excited he’d hope it would magically arrive early and all he could think about was ‘mail’ everyday until it arrived!
About the Potatoyz App
The shape of the Potatoyz is the same, the creativity of what it can become will be unique to your child! You color and create your figure, order in the size you choose and wait for the small printed toy to arrive. You can take the Potatoyz template and create a Minion like we did, Pikachu, cartoon characters or just make an original pal! You will be emailed when order is received, emailed that it is printed and 2-10 days later it will arrive! 
Our Potatoyz Minion

We chose Bob to create-my son’s favorite Minion. We started by coloring the entire design the yellow shade we were able to select. We colored in blue pants, black suspenders and hands and even gave Bob his teddy bear. If you’ve seen Minions you know Bob takes his teddy everywhere! As we drew in details we chose thick or thing draw lines to get just the right detail strength. He did OK by himself. I had to go back and fix some coloring out of the lines and help him draw the bear.
Once he was decorated, we sent it to print and waited for it to arrive!

This would be a fun activity of you have grandkids or nieces and nephews visiting! Let them hop on your iPad and design and you can sneak in and print and have it mailed to them. A memory they will always have!
You can even get creative for your office staff for gifts or a Sports fan and make designs and team colors. 
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