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Bringing Cottonelle On-The Go! #LetsTalkBums

Tis is a sponsored post for Cottonelle

As parents, we have all been in this scenario- we find a changing table while out shopping because baby did a huge mess. We are limited as there is never a trash can convenient in the stalls with changing tables and we have only the room inside the dirty diaper for wipes that we can roll up and toss. But wait! You remembered your Cottonelle flushable wipes. You can’t flush baby wipes down the toilet, but those flushable wipes can be tossed right in and flushed! That messy change just got neater!

As a family, we have been in this scenario- we head out for a fun weekend of camping. There are toilet stalls that will suffice for the few days you are living in tents, but ‘ouch’! That toilet paper in the stalls are worse than using computer paper! How raw is your rear going to be after a few days of this so-called toilet paper! That is not fair to your delicate skin! And this kids won’t like it-so will they clean themselves well enough with this rough paper? Wait! You remembered your Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care toilet paper. These few days in the campsite just got softer!

Some things are OK if you leave home without them, but get stuck with a mess of a diaper or using paper to wipe for a few days and you will never forget the Cottonelle again! See why we use Cottonalle in our home!

Save at Rite Aid on Cottonelle products

Have you used Rite Aid Video Rewards? It is a must before you head to the store. You watch a few seconds of a video then get linked to valuable coupons like this one they have right now that allows you to save $1 on any Cottonelle product.

Have you used Cottonelle? Do you use the wet and dry combination in your bathroom?

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