Bring the music outdoors with Sengled Pulse Lightbulb Speakers

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As we head into summer we also tend to head outdoors more often. From BBQ’s to camping and even the hot days indoors, the Sengled Smart Lightbulb brings your music to wherever you are. My son uses a bluetooth light at bedtime and I just activate it from his tablet playlist and control the volume from my phone. Now we have our own bluetooth music speaker on our back deck with our Sengled Pulse Solo smart bulb.


The Pulse Solo has a stereo bluetooth speaker inside. In fact, there are 2 JBL speakers. I am a huge JBL fan so this is so exciting to see that these high quality speakers produce the sound. Now when we are out grilling we just activate our playlist on our phones and the bluetooth easily finds the solo bulb and plays our music while giving us the light we need to cook and visit with friends.
When you download the free Sengled app you can control the volume as well as the brightness right in the palm of your hand. I will keep the light dim when it is still bright outside and raise the brightness as the sun sets. It also turns itself into a bit of a conversation piece with neighbors and friends.
This is not an outdoor bulb only as you can use it in the office, bedroom or in any room and be able to control the brightness you need. I just have a covered socket under an overhang so it is out of the direct elements which is recommended. I hate turning my stereo up in the house so I can hear the music outside-it disrupts everyone inside. Now I can shut the door and get my music nearby when outdoors so I chose to use my bulb in the backyard for that reason.
Installing is so easy. Just replace a standard bulb with the Sengled bulb, turn the light switch on and find the bluetooth connection. It should connect instantly and you are ready to choose your playlist. Find the bulb right for you at
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