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Bring the Holidays to life with the Elf Workshoppe

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Have you thought about adding some new fun decor to your home or office this season? Everyone loves Elves! After all, it is the Elves that tell Santa how we are doing and are responsible for packing our gifts! They keep the spirit alive throughout the Holidays and make fun decor in your home. You can create an entire village with the Elves from the Elf Workshoppe. I can even see these on display in an office or clinic where children visit. 
The Elves

There are 4 Elves to choose from. Brunette Boy & Girl or Blonde Boy & Girl. They have velcro hands so you can hug or wrap your elf in any pose. They have bendable legs and arms so they can sit or fit in fun accessories. 

Elf Sacks

If you see your Elf without a sack that is not a good sign. That means he carries no gifts! The Elf Workshoppe has sacks for you Elf in green, red or a Teddy Bear and gifts in a sack set.
Elf Props

When using your Elves as decor, they need somewhere to sit or be staged to add to the theme. Find a car, sleigh, chair, train, rocking chair, bed and even bath for Elf. Add to these with other fun pieces like the towel, mat and brush set or table and lantern and even a pet reindeer.
See them all and start a new decor tradition. You’ll fall in love with these adorable Elves.
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