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Brew Over Ice Keurig Iced Coffee isn’t just for the cup #BrewItUp

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Iced Coffee Grilling Sauce
That’s right! Iced coffee isn’t just for the cup! Coffee is a flavor and iced coffee contains a lot of water, so in a recipe where you need liquid and flavor you can have some great tasting sauces and marinades using iced coffee right from your Keurig. So #BrewItUp and add the many Brew Over Ice coffee K-Cups varieties available at your local Walmart to create a unique flavor as you grill this summer.
I have been craving shish kabobs for a while now. I live in the Pacific NW where it rains a lot and grilling cannot always be an option year round. When summer hits and the rain slows down I am so eager to fire up the grill. I used the Original Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee blend from Walmart to make a delicious basting sauce for our shish kabobs. It was so delicious, my husband requested I use it again as he has some of his employees in town next week and we are grilling for them one of the evenings.
Iced Coffee Grilling Sauce Recipe
3 TBSP Balsamic Vinegar
3 TBSP Soy Sauce
1/4-1/2 C Brewed Iced Coffee
1 TBSP Sugar
Mix all and bring to a boil over medium-high heat in a saucepan and continue to boil/stir 5-8 minutes. It will reduce a bit. Brush over meat or vegetables periodically as you grill and for sure-one last good brushing right before you take the food off the grill. I had to double that recipe for the 21 shish kabobs I made in photo above for my husband’s employees he invited over for dinner. It was a hit!!
OK! So perhaps you bought iced coffee to enjoy iced coffee so here is my favorite summer drink using 2 of the Brew Over Ice products. I get a large tumbler and brew one K-cup of The Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee and one K-Cup of Celestial Seasonings Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea. I stir and enjoy my Sweet Tea Ying Yang. An original Ying Yang is made by combining iced coffee and brewed black tea such as the Celestial Seasonings Unsweetened Black Perfect Iced Tea Brew Over Ice variety, but I find I still have to sweeten my drink when I use unsweetened black tea. The sweet tea is the perfect addition in my iced coffee on a hot day and this is a sweetened black tea. If you do not like sweet in your coffee, then the unsweetened black tea blend is what you should use.
You can find a large variety of Brew Over Ice coffee and tea flavors for all of your summer beverages and recipes at Walmart. And because they are priced at under $1 a cup, you get to enjoy any variety of iced beverages from your Keurig for much less then the coffee shop prices. 
Brew Over Ice K-Cups work just like the standard hot coffee K-Cups with only 2 exceptions-you need to add ice to your cup AND you need to set your cup level setting at the smallest cup for best results. Enjoy your Iced Coffee plain or get creative!
If such large selections form your Keurig wasn’t enough, Keurig also has its own recycling program. That’s right! You now can do your part of leaving your green thumbprint by utilizing The Grounds to Grow program. Keurig will take those used K-Cups and separate the grounds for compost and the cups for re-use. Get the kids involved and make one of them the Recycling Boss. Reward them by calling you or your household out for tossing your K-Cups and other recyclables in the trash!
Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
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