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Breathe Easier With Febreze

Sample unit sent for feature


Our youngest son is 8 and he has always suffered from seasonal allergies especially in fall and spring. He gets the dark circles under his eyes and green discharge from his sinuses. Sometimes he ends up with the post-nasal coughs and even a sinus infection or 2 a year. Keeping the air around him clean and filtered is a huge relief for his little body as it struggles with all that floats around the air outside these times of year. I cannot go outdoors and remove all brush and pollens, but I can take some control over the air inside our home.

Febreze makes the perfect table-sized air purifier I can keep next to his bed. I turn it on as he sleeps and during the day I can run it with a Febreze scent pack strength turned up so his rom smells good too. You can turn off or down the scent strength which I do while he sleeps under it.


As for maintenance, it is very little and so easy. No tough clasps or screws and tools needed. There is a filter that slides easily in and out from the bottom of the unit. You should change this every 4 months and this will cost you under $30 for a filter and many times I find it a better deal to buy a 2 pack as opposed to one at a time. The filter traps home odors and large airborne particles like pet hair, dander, lint and dust.These filters trap up to 99% of the microscopic particles.


 The scent packets are optional and such a great unique feature. No other air purifier than I have seen has such a great scent to insert at such a great price for refills. Typically, one scent pack will last up to 30 days when used on variable strength levels. You can only use the Febreze Air Purifier scents in this unit and they come in Spring & Renewal and Linen and Sky scents. I love the Linen and Sky. Changing them is as easy as opening a flap on the top of the unit and replacing.


The top of the unit gives you two indicator lights. One will light up when the filter needs replacing and the other will light up when the scent needs replacing. How convenient is that? The 2 dials on the unit are for purifier levels and scent strength. You control each output levels.


If you need larger unit, Febreze also makes a tower and mini tower units. I saw them available on Amazon and you can also find at major retailers.

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