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Boys potty training just got easier with the Shandle #Review

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I was recently sent some Shandles to try out with my son. I chose the Robot from the Tinkle Time Series and the Knot from the Hampton Head series. With a 5 year old I cringe every time I ask him to please lift the toilet seat. By cringe, I mean that I am asking him to be sanitary by touching the seat so he can lift it?! Have you ever thought about it like that? I have! “Please mind your manners and grab the PEE PEE seat with your hands!” My lord, how disgusting! At least as we are older, we tend to gently grab the seat to minimally touch it and then we always properly wash our hands. A 5 year old will firmly grip the entire seat and lift it then minimally wash their hands! I have a husband and three boys, hence I have my OWN bathroom. My husband keeps the Boys bathroom clean and he does a good job and is pretty meticulous about it being bleached clean. However, when I went to lift the seat to attach the Shandle, my 5 year old had been home with me all day and the inside toilet lid was dripping with urine from his wild, 5 year old pee stream! Gross! I love these and wish every toilet in my house had one. He has yet to touch a lid in this house since.

The Shandle- Potty Time Helper
About The Shandle
  • Has a durable peel-and-stick application
  • Makes it easier for your child t raise & lower the toilet seat
  • Many fun and elegant designs to match your bathroom’s decor
  • A more hygienic option to touching the toilet seat
  • Inexpensive-only $9.99 for a 3-pack!
  • Besides the styles I mentioned above, they have neutral as well as Beastly designs with funny quotes!
  • USA made and 100% money-back guarantee
The Shandle toilet seat handle should be a part of every bathroom-at home or in public! I wish I could find one in every restaurant and hotel bathroom. As durable as the adhesive is and the design that makes it a non-issue if you are a ‘big kid’ would be almost a shame to not install this in your businesses bathrooms. 
Think The Shandle for stocking stuffers and even the fun quotes on some designs they have would be great dorm or daycare gifts! The Shandle Collections offer a design for any gift receiver to enjoy!
Disclosure: I was sent the above products for this review. All opinions remain 100% my own.


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7 thoughts on “Boys potty training just got easier with the Shandle #Review”

  1. What a great idea… I remember yelling at my DS because he would slam the lid down and when I would talk to him, it would always turn out that it slipped out of his hand. LOL…

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