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Box of Style Subscription Box Spring 2019 Unboxing for Mother’s Day

I was sent a box for feature. Opinions are my own

Have you tried any beauty boxes yet? In my unboxing video below I share with you my trick in buying beauty and style boxes when it comes to gift giving. I am featuring Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style and a ‘beauty box’ is not the correct description for what you get! I feel like labeling this anything other than what it is, a box of style, cannot do it justice. I love this box!

I have the Spring 2019 Box and you can get your Spring box still for $99.99. I have tried $30 beauty and style boxes and I have seen boxes well over $100 and Rachel Zoe’s takes the top spot for me.

Why? Because for over 14 years I have been a Mom. I wear jeans a lot and my hair pulled back. Raising boys has me on soccer fields and picking up my stray dishes from dirty game rooms. It is nice to unload a box full of ‘nice stuff’. Remember your own Mom’s NICE STUFF growing up? It’s your turn now. It’s easy to forget we are all beautiful women when stuck in Mom mode all day. Box of Style brings your beauty side back!

Mother’s Day season is the best time of all to feature the Box of Style. Whether you are or want to gift a brand new Mom or a veteran Mom, this box allows them to separate modern style from messy hair bun days. It is the most appreciative gift you can buy Mom.

Here is the deal with buying these boxes:

  • 1 Box (only available for subscribers, sign up with your email) $99.99
  • 2 Boxes (Spring & Summer right now) $199.98
  • 4 Boxes (4 seasons) $349.99 + FREE Amazon Echo Look ( $99 ARV)
  • Refer A Friend = $15 Credit for every referral who buys

When you buy a ~$99 box you get over $400 of product. The value is fantastic and when you’ve lost your touch on what is in style, Rachel Zoe’s suggestions for her boxes are fantastic! You’ll love the picks. Just head the the Box of Style website and see what was in the past boxes.

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Lauryn R

What a nice subscription box! I know I would love to receive this for Mothers Day, thanks for the suggestion! I love subscription boxes because they give you a chance to try new things.

Maryann D.

Style Subscription Box seems fantastic and I have not heard of this previously. What a perfect gift choice.


This is a better gift idea than the bouquet of flowers I send my mom each year!

Dana Rodriguez

Nice box. I really like that bag!

Donna L Holder

this would be the greatest gift

Kim Pincombe-Cole

Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style boxes are always so good. Love the bracelets in this one!

Antoinette M

This is a great subscription box. I love the bracelet set and clutch!