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BooSocki Collections are Designed by Local Artists for Fun Gifting

BooSocki Collections are Designed by Local Artists for Fun Gifting

We have made sure to have a lot of fun over the Holidays with neighbors. We do Booze Buddies and Secret Santas, leaving porch gifts for other Mom’s in our community. Early in the fall we would Boo our friends near Halloween. I would have loved to have discovered BooSocki for ‘Boo-ing’ but they also make great Sneaky Stocking or Secret Santa sock gifts.

BooSocki uses real, local artists designs making these socks so much fun. They are like sending funny greeting cards you can wear. Fun designs include ‘She Likes My Cookies’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas is Food’. I am wearing the White Elephant socks.

You can buy single socks or their monthly subscription plan. The BooSocki socks are made from high-quality yarn and produced in the most eco and socially responsible knit factory in the world, FutureStitch. They are USA made (California).

You can order socks for yourself or even Boo a friend and send them BooSocki! They make fun designs for occasions all year round. Visit BooSocki and find a pair just right for you or a friend.

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Dana Rodriguez

I am a sock fanatic. These are so cute!!

Jessi Jo Housel

These are fun, functional and fun

Sarah L

My brother loves fun socks. Thanks for the reminder.