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Books that Heal and Conquer Your Stress Review and Giveaway

I was provided a review copy for feature
Journey of Healing
This book is quite a journey! Journey of Healing is more than the Author’s own story or even the stories of clients she has had, but a journey into the multiple techniques many use while healing spiritually, mentally or physically. To touch a bit on all of these healing opportunities allows the reader to find ways they can feel good about doing more and find peace with developing a healthier lifestyle. Just one of the books that heal and conquer your stress.
Kathy Gruver touches on using herbs, massage and bodywork, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic practices, meditation, visualization, hypnosis and reiki (prayer for healing). This makes it such an engaging book and a quick read. You will learn a lot and easily find ways to blend different techniques and fit them easily into your days. Hearing her speak of her own life’s ups and downs connects you to the Author-it;s like she is speaking directly to YOU!

Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques
We all have stressors in our lives! Some of it good stress and some bad, but all of it takes a toll on us! Do you relieve the stress by taking your frustrations out on others? Do you bury your stress and hope it will fade away if you ignore your emotions? Do you over eat or not get enough sleep when your stressed? There is such an easier way to deal with it then handling it these ways. To do any of the above methods only adds stress in its own ways! People resent you, you are exhausted, you are gaining weight, etc. Kathy Gruver’s Book: Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques can help you!
The Author is Kathy Gruver, PhD- a health and wellness expert and award-winning author of the book: The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. Kathy does not just offer solutions in this book, she educates us about stress response and its history as well as how it affects us today. She teaches how to use our Mind/Body to increase our health by lessening tension. You will get easy do-at-home methods to follow and give you effective therapies you can use in your everyday life. She tells it like it is with advise easy enough for anyone to follow. She touches on so many topics including pain management, herbal use, meditation, warning signs of stress and so much more.
1 lucky reader will win the books above. Enter below and open to US. Ends 1/21. Good Luck!
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