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Book: Abracadabra! Fun Magic Tricks For Kids

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Abracadabra! Fun Magic Tricks For Kids
Release Date: June 21, 2016
This book is perfect for any child wanting to know those magic secrets and attempt them themselves. Written by 11-year-old Kristen and her Dad, the book offers step-by-step illustrated instruction.
Whether your child learns by pictures, written instructions or by doing they will be easily guided through 30 simple tricks so they can become their own magician. My son is 8 and easily follows along with the tricks inside this book. 
The book makes a great gift along with simple tools they’ll need-most of which are common objects already found around the home. Some of my son’s favorite tricks in the book are 
  • Color-Changing Card
  • Healing Rope
  • Rubber Band
  • Spoon-Bending Illusion


There are more great tricks and now the secrets will be out as they will be able to perform these tricks with ease.
Grab your copy of Abracadabra today at Amazon. Visit Sky Pony Press for more books as well.
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