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BodyArmor for a natural energy on-the-go

This is a promotional post on behalf of Sverve

One drink-so many benefits. As the most respected athletes discover nutrients in a bottle such as BodyArmor, consumers are also seeing the benefits. Whether you are a fitness addict or a parent on-the-go, these beverages offer so much more than that can of soda. It is hard to constantly stay on a regimen that allows us to count calories and nutrients. We have so many things happening in our day, we just need a product that gives us what we need for us! BodyAmor has the electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants our body craves the more busy we are and it does not require nutrition counting or supplement pills to swallow. If athletes like Richard Sherman, Kobe Bryant and Andrew Luck are choosing BodyArmor, I trust the brand. 
I have all boys and each of them have or are in sports. I was never the Mom that sent them with sugary sports drinks as I believed if I fed them well before and after a game and made sure they drank plenty of water it was much better than serving them the contents within the sports drinks. I wish I had BodyArmor a long time ago. As the boys hit their teens, they wanted sports drinks at games and I had to search for the best ingredients I could. Ultimately they ended up with vitamin water. There just wasn’t options for a sports drinks without artificial sweeteners or flavors. As my youngest is just starting out in sports, I am happy to know there are brands like BodyArmor committed to offering a natural and more beneficial sports drinks for when my son hits those older, high-intense years of sports down the road. For now, I love BodyArmor to keep me going and hydrated as a Mom to boys always on the go!
The proof is in the label! Having BodyArmor on hand means you are consuming all natural energy! An energy that is real and will produce a better workout or a much more efficient day as you move from task to task without burning out. For the athletes, the Potassium and Vitamin supplements are plentiful enough to decease that post-workout fatigue and allow your body to gain more from your routine. For the Mom on-the-go looking for proper hydration, you can be satisfied you are not consuming a product with any artificial ingredients or glutens. Your body will be supplemented the vitamins and antioxidants you need to keep you going all day long.
With filtered water, pure cane sugar and coconut water concentrate as the first 3 ingredients, there is no need for anything artificial anyhow! Stop counting nutrients and filling that cabinet with all of those supplements. Take BodyArmor with you and keep moving through your day with a better energy.

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own
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