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BloodSTOP controls bleeding fast and is available for your first aid kit

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own.

When is the last time you replenished your first aid kit? How many first aid kits do you have? I replenish my kit every season because products expire and new products come out that I feel more prepared having in my kits. I have 2 1/2 kits. I say 1/2 because I keep certain items in my car console for sports or need spare products. I keep one at home and one in your RV. I was just replenishing our kits because I needed to switch out an expired Benadryl and add BloodSTOP. I feel so relieved having BloodSTOP in all of my kits now that I know I can get them at any retailer like CVS, Walmart, Amazon and others for home use.

BloodSTOP is a lifesaving little pad that has been used by Doctors in ER, EMT’s and other medical professionals to stop bleeding fast. From a stubborn puncture your kids get running through bushes to a major fall or bleed, BloodSTOP will provide a gel that clots and stops bleeding as soon as it is placed on wounds. I especially love having this in my RV as if the kids or us were to have a bleed we can sometimes be far from a hospital or even from having emergency response arrive. Seconds are crucial with major bleed outs.

I spent many years as a Cardiac Surgery scheduler before moving away and becoming a SAHM. I know how crucial it is for our patients on blood thinners to get bleeding to stop ASAP! It I can be life or death in just minutes for these patients. I highly recommend making it a priority to get BloodSTOP into the homes of any friends or family you have on blood thinners.

Remember, BloodSTOP was made by LifeScience Plus for surgeons and now you can keep these in your home or RV first aid kits! They should be in every home, RV, classroom, sports kit and anywhere you are likely to be where accidents may happen.

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