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Bloggers Wanted: Free to join my Becoming Healthy Giveaway Bash

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3SonsHaveI is becoming Parenting Healthy

On April 1, 2014 you will see a new header and title on my Blog. 3SonsHaveI will become I have solicited some of my favorite sponsors from the past to bring you a fun Giveaway event to celebrate my name change.

Parenting Healthy is a more accurate title for my Blog as I focus on raising healthy families. 3SonsHaveI was created because my Blog once was a source of information for family & friends. I was bitten by the Blogging bug and as I am growing, my name should grow too!

  • Your tasks will be to be assigned a sponsor and promote them at least 3 times a week throughout your multiple social media pages during the 2 week campaign (April 1-14)
  • Link your shares to the fan page I will have so we can all reciprocate or each other’s shares giving both you & the brand even more coverage
  • Share the actual giveaway event
  • You will get 1 free link of choice on the entry form for each sponsor you are assigned + a mention with back link on the main giveaway html
  • If you are a brand or know of a brand who would like to contribute, please direct them to me. Any referrals for a sponsor will earn you 3 links free!
There will not be a need to create posts for this event unless you choose. Just create tweets, FB posts, G+, Pinterest announcements for you sponsor linking them to my Giveaway event.

Some of the sposnors are: Cafe Viva, Well Well Wow, Printcopia, Bath Blocks, Dei Fratelli, Allens Vegetables, Goodnight Anti-Snore Ring, Britenz teeth whitening and more…

Any questions, please contact me at erinnsluka at
Thank you!

Blog name change: 3SonsHaveI is now Parenting Healthy
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