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Blogger Resources: Keeping a Calendar

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How do you stay organized? Twitter parties, Posts, Campaigns, Giveaways, Giveaway Events, Conferences, Phone Consults, Updating profiles on websites. There is so much to keep track of while maintaining a blog. The styles of calendars below resemble all I use to stay organized as Mom and a Blogger!

I always keep a large grid calendar on my desk. It has room for notes such as listing a Giveaway event and noting if I signed up to host or cohost, I can write in reviews or giveaways on such days and note PR email titles so I can find their notes in my email folders quickly. By that, I mean that if I am reviewing for a ‘Blog’, I cannot search my email for ‘Blog’-the email will have come from a Joe or Suzy! I note that to find it easier!

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I keep a smaller grid calendar to highlight with a color key days to note. Classroom volunteer day reminders may have a green highlight mark. Baseball practice nights a yellow mark. Games a pink mark, etc.. This calendar hangs on a wall and just reminds me of ongoing activities.

This traditional style calendar is what hangs right beside my desk. I note attending activities out of the norm. A twitter party I RSVP or a child’s conference. It is not so big it takes up much room, but has enough space for a time and place.

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This is where I can teach my son as well. We keep calendars for ourselves and at age 5, my son is learning months and days at school now and loves marking his own events like Birthday parties and school spirit day, etc… it helps keep those sort of activities off my calendar but are still available for me to glance at daily.

This sounds like a lot, but I’d be lost without them. I rarely forget a time, place or deadline and I know which calendar to go to for different activities and none of the grids are jam packed because they are spaced out in a functional way for me.

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Resources: Keeping a Calendar”

  1. My problem is that I find so many calendars and planners that I like. I want to get them all. Then I forget to use any of them. I like the idea of a large desk calendar, but since I craft in the same space it would get really messy. I'm terrible at using anything on my computer. I just need you to come to my house and help me find the perfect solution for me,

  2. I will be glad if I found a paper calendar that has daily pages and also smart one to remind me from my mobile, because I don't enjoy mobile calendar as I want seeing calendar hanging on a wall

  3. I love your system and I can see that you are very organized! I now know where I'm going to put the extra regular calendar I have! That Shoplet Calendar looks like a good buy! Thanks for the review!

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