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I have been blogging for a few years now. I write stories, product reviews and sponsored post. I have dealt with all sorts of people I have never met. Some of these people are other Bloggers who support me, brands that understand my efforts and brands that don’t. There are blogs I follow because they are great examples of how to blog professionally and most of the time I am following them because the Blogger behind the site is an example of professionalism. Blogs like A Lucky Ladybug with Randi Poole, Voiceboks with Lexie Lane and Becky McNeer, Budget Earth by Susan Bewley, Mom Powered Media by Teri Hardy and Mom Blog Society by LaDonna Maxwell Dennis are to name a few of those I follow for what they do for other Bloggers and their willingness to help us grow.

However, there is another side to blogging besides forming positive connections and helping others that I want to bring to your attention because I like truth and humor. I think if I add a little humor to the truth, you will find this post enlightening.

Dear Blogger Want-To-Be’s,

As a successful Blogger, we all work hard to bring our readers honest and organized posts. We are Photographers. We are Marketers. We are Critics. We are Writers. If you think you can gain that same success by stealing our posts, images and even outright ‘steal’ an entire Blog (this has happened to many) then you are seriously underestimating the power of a ‘Blogger Society’! There is no other call for help then when a Blogger announces they are being ‘robbed’ that bands the blogging society together fast and with a vengeance! We will hunt you down, stock your social media page and make sure your followers KNOW you are not real! We will take time to write posts, ban you from groups and call you out. Like a burglar dumb enough to think he can successfully outrun a cop, as a ‘fake’ blogger you will be highly unsuccessful at running from the ‘blogging society’! We get to know each other we know each others work and if we see it being misused we fire out the flare guns and all other bloggers come running!

An Honest Blogger

Dear Loyal Brands,

As Bloggers we write and connect with you to form relationships. Nothing makes us feel acknowledged and appreciated when a brand we recently wrote for or teamed up with for a product review writes us back and asks to work with us again. It is not always about the money. Loyal brands who understand how much time and effort goes into 1 post from those of us who are committed to not just hit the publish button and let your post sit, but that we will share it and work ‘for you’ to get your brand out there, you do compensate us accordingly. You are not the brand that asked us to write a 300 word post with photos and share for a $1 sample you send us. You are the brand that asks what can I do for you because you will work for me. I wrote a post: Why are Bloggers worth the money for your brand’s marketing that explains what goes into every post we write for you. You understand this. You communicate often, help us share our work with your own sites and followers, compensate fairly and keep a relationship. Your brand will become successful in blog marketing because once you gain the respect of the blogging community, we want to mention you and work with you. We want our readers to read our posts and we want them to relate to your brand because you are relating with ours. Thank you for the respect!

A Loyal Blogger

Dear Clueless Brands,

I come from a family of small-business owners. I know how tough it is to sell a brand at start-up with little budget. As bloggers, we totally get that! But there is a wrong way and a right way to market your product. There are a ton of Kickstarter sites that are proven successful and if you are reaching out to us to help you, you need to help yourself first! If you join a blog network asking for a product review and blindside us by sending us a $1 sample or the .01 oz bottle of fragrance and want us to spend hours working for you, you may be denied and we talk as Bloggers. We get to know these brands and now you are not a brand needing help promoting, you are a brand taking a Blogger for granted. We take our work seriously. We are not opposed to helping and if you are a right fit or stand for a product or service we believe in, we will work with you! Not every one of you, so do not retaliate if you get a denial. You must be honest and straightforward! You must come forward with a full-size product. Why? Your post is going to not do justice from us when we hold a travel size item you sent us in a photo and try to sell it. Know that we spend hours for you and to assume we will work for free and not want to discuss compensation or a trade is selfish. We are working for a living just like you. State your budget concerns, give us options for compensation (perhaps you have no budget, but have thousands of social media followers and for us-you can promote our post to your sites). Put the thought in, acknowledge our skills and time and treat us fairly and you will get the honest help you need. There are Bloggers out there who will work with you over a $1 sample for the free product, but the Blog’s who are successful and will take your brand to a whole different level have learned what they are worth and the outcome for the campaign will be worth the extra effort from you.

A Hard-Working Blogger

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