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Whether you blog about fitness, food or home you can find fun celebrations that happen each month as a guide to writing organic posts. We all need to keep a good balance between organic and sponsored posts and after the Holidays many of us may feel like we turned into review or giveaway blogs with our gift guides and have lost focus on our niche and providing organic posts. 
It’s time to get on track for 2015 and here is a month-by-month lineup of blog posts you can use for your won fun stories. These are all suggested based on each month and fun items, foods celebrated nationally for that month so it is relative and a great focus as you plan ahead.
Food Bloggers
  • January: Bread machine baking month, Prune breakfast month & National candy, egg, hot tea, soup, oatmeal, meat and wheat bread month
  • February: Berry fresh month, Canned food month, celebration of chocolate month, Pancake month and Great American pies month. National cherry, fiber focus, fondue, grapefruit, heart healthy, hot breakfast, snack food month
  • March: National celery, frozen food, flour, noodle, nutrition, sauce, peanut and caffeine awareness month
  • April: Emotional Overeating Awareness month, Fresh Florida tomato month. National garlic, grilled cheese BLT sandwich, pecan, soy foods and soft pretzel month
  • May: National chocolate custard, BBQ, Asparagus, hamburger, salad, sausage and strawberry month
  • June: National seafood, papaya, iced tea, soul food, dairy, candy, fresh fruit & vegetable, steakhouse and turkey lovers month
  • July: National bison, culinary arts, baked bean, hot dog, ice cream, grilling and blueberries month
  • August: National panini, catfish, brownie, peach and sandwich month
  • September: National biscuit, breakfast, wine, honey, mushroom, chicken, bourbon heritage, organic harvest, rice, grains and Oyster season
  • October: National, chili, apple, caramel, pasta, dessert, cookie, popcorn poppin’, pork and Vegetarian Awareness month
  • November: National vegan, diabetes, peanut butter, pepper and pomegranate month. Raisin bread and Georgia peach month
  • December: National egg nog, fruit cake, pear and food safety month

Health/Fitness Bloggers
  • January: Cervical Health Awareness month, Center for Disease Control & Prevention Month, National Blood Donor Month, Healthy Weight Week (3rd week)
  • February: American Heart Month. Low Vision Awareness Month, National Girls & Women in Sports Day (2/1), National Eating Disorders Awareness week (last week)
  • March: Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. American Red Cross  Month, Brain Injury Awareness Month, National Nutrition Month, National Athletic Trainers Month
  • April: Alcohol Awareness Month, National Autism Awareness Month, National Humor Month, World Health Day
  • May: National Fitness & Sports Month, Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month, Better Sleep Month, Employee Health & Fitness Month, National Arthritis Month, National Bike Month
  • June: National Safety Month, National Great Outdoors Month, Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, Men’s Health Month
  • July: Fireworks Safety Month, Eye Injury Prevention Month, UV Safety Month
  • August: National Immunization Awareness Month, Medical Alert Awareness Month, National Breastfeeding Month, 
  • September: National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Fruits & Veggies month, Baby Safety Awareness Month, Healthy Aging Month, National Food Safety Education Month
  • October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Eat Better-Eat Together Month, Children’s Health Month, Healthy Lung Month
  • November: American Diabetes Month, Great American Smoke Out Month, National Alzheimers Awareness Month, National Healthy Skin Month, National Home Care Month
  • December: Celebrate Worlds Aids Day, Safe Toys & Gifts Month, National Drunk & Drugged driving Prevention Month
Parenting Bloggers
  • January: Martin Luther King, Jr day, New Years
  • February: Valentines, Presidents Week, Kids ENT Health Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, Burn Awareness Week (first week)
  • March: St Patricks, Spring starts, Child Life Month, Nutrition Month, Poison Prevention Week (3rd week)
  • April: Easter, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Sports Eye Safety Month, Humor Month
  • May: Mother’s Day, Better Sleep Month, Bike Month, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, UV Awareness Month, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (1st week)
  • June: Summer starts, Graduations, Father’s Day, Mens Health Month,  Sun Safety Week (1st week), 
  • July: Independence Day, Cord Blood Awareness Month
  • August: Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month
  • September: Back to School, Labor Day, Baby Safety Month, Grandparents day, Sports Eye Safety Month, Child Passenger safety Week (3rd week)
  • October: Halloween, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Eye Injury Prevention Month, Home Eye Safety Month, Fire Prevention Week (2nd week)
  • November: Thanksgiving, American Diabetes Month, Healthy Skin Month, Prematurity Awareness Month
  • December: Christmas, Safe Toys $ Celebrations Month
I could not possibly list them all, so feel free to add some fun focused post ideas of your own-have any?
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