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BISSELL BARKBATH: 2-in-1 Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. All opinions are 100% my own. There may be affiliate links within this post as well that could result in compensation for Parenting Healthy.

Do you know what I love most? Taking care of 2 big projects with one product! It makes life so simple and if only there was a way to clean my muddy carpets then turn around and clean my muddy dogs. That would be amusing! Wait! Bissell did it! The BISSELL BARKBATH: 2-in-1 Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner is available and I will show you how it works

There are several attachments depending if you are home cleaning or dog cleaning. No worries, the attachments with green coloring on them are for the dog and the grey is for home/carpet. There is a bag to keep them all in and you get your first bottle of carpet cleaner and rinse-free dog shampoo free kin the box.

Maya doesn’t mind the Dog Bath at all. I did keep using the word B-A-T-H in front of her and she hates that word so that explains the sour look. Our backyard is a grassy/mud pit in winter with Pacific NW rains so my poor floors and dog paws are an awful pair. That poodle/wheaten hair drags everything inside. Just look at my poor carpet below with their foot traffic!

Seriously! Look at that water after the stairs and dog rinse! Gross! It is such a chore on my winter house and 3 dogs! The deep cleaner works like a spot shot shampooer that lifts dirt and mud effortlessly and the noise is not bad at all. None of our dogs seem to mind it at all (hiding treats near you for ‘bath’ time also helps).

Once you are done spot cleaning pup and floors, just clean the tanks, use the hose cleaning tool and wind up to store. I love the shape and size compared to other spot shots I have owned because it really does fit better in closet shelves.

Visit Bissell.com for all the specs and information on the BISSELL BARKBATH: 2-in-1 Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner.

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