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BIOselect Certified Line of Greek Organic Body and Hair Products

This might be a tad unique for you. I had the pleasure of receiving the line of BIOselect‘s Greek Organic Body and Hair Products. With the love and respect for the environment and with sourcing of natural ingredients, and mostly biologically cultivated raw materials, this is a responsible and effective beauty brand I am happy to share with you.

Below are some of BIOselect shower gel, lotion and cream products. The line of BIOselect Naturals are naturally infused with amazing, exotic scents you will love. Such scents are Orient Spell, Pure Lush, Dream Candy and more. The best way to end a relaxing bath or shower.

BIOselect has so many hair products from shampoos and conditioners for all hair types. What are they derived from?

BIOselect uses Dictamelia®, a patented organic product and is the main ingredient of all BIOselect® Organic Cosmetics. Dictamelia® is created and produced solely for their product line, under specific extraction and maturation processes, in order to secure the maximum benefits of the dictamnus herb and extra virgin olive oil, which are it’s main ingredients.

The plants and olive oil is from the natural prosperity of the Greek land, the unique benefits of the organic and natural ingredients found solely in the island of Crete come together for bath and body products you will be proud to use at home.

Free shipping is available once you hit $50+. Visit BIOselect-US to shop today!

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