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The Biggest Bounce House Ever Visits US Cities

More to come as I use compensated tickets to visit our local bounce house stop


The Biggest Bounce House Ever Visits US Cities

This is so exciting and for many kids could be the highlight to ending their summer. The Big Bounce America Nation-Wide Tour is coming to cities nationwide and it is nearly the beginning of the tour. This bounce house is 10,000 square feet and 32 feet tall and full of fun inside and out.


Tickets are available for stops in Wa, Or, Ca, Tx, Fl and more. Once you come to the location you will find field day-type games outside the bounce house and many stations inside. With safety in mind, they only allow so many inat once so while you wait your shift they have plenty of fun games outside.


Once you get inside, enjoy the bounce experience as you play basketball, slide into a ball pit, run the obstacle course and even stop at the DJ booth with music and plenty of space to dance. Tickets start at about $9 and once inside you don’t pay extra for the outside games.

Can you find a stop near you? I’ll be at ours! Start HERE!

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