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Big Heart Feels (Small Voice Says) – Children’s Book Teaches Empathy

Big Heart Feels (Small Voice Says) by Mike and Mackenzie Morrison

Have you ever said to your child, “Honey, you need to put yourself into (their) shoes…”? Depending on their age that is a hard question to swallow as if you just asked them if they wore someone else’s shoes, literally. Empathy is actually a hard concept at a young age to understand and explain because empathy is needed in so many different ways and situations.

When young children are naturally motivated in a selfish way, getting them to see another’s point of view is a big lesson. I think we forget how big it is for them and we feel frustrated when our child seems ‘too selfish’ or ‘not caring’. Books are the best tools we have and as they can be on a subject that teaches empathy or kindness they allow us to start healthy conversations also. This book is a great tool to start a conversation about thinking of others before yourself.

teaches empathy
Big Heart Fells teaches empathy

Big Heart Feels (Small Voice Says) – Children’s Book Teaches Empathy

Big Heart Feels is a children’s book that teaches empathy in such a way that it helps you teach your child to step into someone else’s shoes and see their point of view.

In this story Angela learns to see 3 different points of view in her own home, a friend at a birthday party and in her classroom. She sees someone struggling, tries to comfort them and help them not feel so alone in their struggles by either practicing patience, kindness and care.

When you read a ‘big lesson’ like Big Heart Feels and it has such a colorful cover then it becomes shelf worthy while it teaches empathy. Read this book and make it the front book shelf cover so your child sees it each time they enter their space as a reminder to practice empathy. Buy this book on Amazon!

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