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Bicycle Safety First Aid Kits – Giveaway Hop

I have partnered with SJ Works for this feature

Bicycle Safety First Aid Kits

On Christmas I got the gift I asked for from my husband – a bike! I cannot remember the last time I got a new bike. It was at least my early childhood. We moved to a small town where a bike trail connects most neighborhoods (including ours) with the schools and downtown. Our downtown is just 1 long highway. I quickly realized everyone has bikes and even a large percentage of the kids ride to school at all age levels. I am not used to that coming from a much larger town. I am slowly realizing all the handy accessories I can have available as we ride including these bicycle safety first aid kits I am featuring from SJ Works.

FA Kit for bikes

SJ Works is a first aid kit brand that makes being prepared so easy and inexpensive. Take it from quoted text on their website…..

“SJ WORKS Bicycle First Aid Kit is designed for cycling use while out and about. The light little kit hangs discreetly on the bike for easy access in emergency situations. The unique kit makes outdoor first aid care closer at hand than ever before.”

first aid kit

You can find first aid kits to fit any style bike from a classic fit to saddle pouch and even a cell phone solution kit that sits atop your bike and also holds your phone. They thought about every fit in the styles they created. Inside you have all the essential first aid items including an emergency bike light. They even included scissors and safety pins among bandages, tape and wipes to name a few.

order SJ Works

I use the classic pouch and it fits right in the center frame of my bike beautifully. I also have a pouch kit that fits my son’s bike. Many times he is on his bike while I am walking our dog so we always have a kit available for us or even others we may come across as we ride. These are available on Amazon and are Prime qualified so you can get yours in 2 days and be better prepared as you hit the trails or street.

SJ Woks Giveaway

Win an SJ Works Bicycle First Aid Kit!

1 lucky reader can win a kit of choice. Enter in the widget below and this giveaway is part of a Giveaway Hop so feel free to find other great giveaways below the giveaway widget to enter. Come back here everyday for your daily entries. Ends on 2/14/2018 and open to US!

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You can request a printable safety checklist on their site for bike rides.

Ann Fantom

I would like to get SJ Works’ 10 Person ANSI First Aid Kit Hardcase


The office safety kit is big!

Sandy Klocinski

I like the SJ WORKS Smart phone solution bicycle First Aid Kit

Sandy Klocinski

I found the giveaway on OLS

Wendy R.

Love all the configurations of first aid kits that they have!

Michelle J.

It was linked at Sherryl Wilson.

Antoinette M

I like the smartphone solution bicycle first aid kit.


like the photo gallery


from blog hop

Charlotte Winters

I like the trauma first aid kit, and the fanny pack kit would also be very handy for hikes.

Maryann D.

I found that they stated the User Experience is that
SJ WORKS first aid kits have already accepted by many cyclists and families all over the world. Their kit for your peace of mind.


I found out that you can get 20% off their kits right now on Amazon


I found this giveaway in the love is in the air blog hop

Maryann D.

I do get your email newsletters so I find out about giveaways there.

Antoinette M

I found the giveaway on OLS.


They also make a safety kit for the office!

Krystal Dunlap

I found the SJ WORKS Saddle Pouch Bicycle First Aid Kit which I am considering ordering for my daughter. I also found the 20% off coupon by signing up for emails.

Krystal Dunlap

I found this giveaway on another blog in the hop. I can’t remember which one exactly.

kathy pease

I found that The areas most likely to be affected by frostbite are your fingers toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin.You can treat very mild frostbite with first-aid measures. All other frostbite requires medical attention.

kathy pease
Jerry Marquardt

I like the Office Safety Kit the most of all of the great items as listed in the guide.

Jerry Marquardt

I found the giveaway today as listed on the blog hop listing at

Jennifer H.

I learned that the concept of the SJ WORKS Innovative bicycle first aid kit was born in 2015.

Jennifer H.

I found this on

Diego Monterey

Aside from the giveaway, I find this post very helpful especially now that i’m getting more and more interested with biking. Thanks for sharing this. Must prepare my kit now then 🙂