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Betty Crocker Brings You Summer Cake Creation Ideas

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Betty Crocker is known for its array of recipes from easy dinners to drinks and snacks. Enter a world of busy lifestyles and Pinterest to help our creative genes flow and you get an easy way to take Betty Crocker’s creativity and make it your own.

Below is a Pinterest image giving you a step by step recipe to make your own Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cakes and there is more….

Want a ‘Flip Flop’ Cake? They are fun and adorable.
Check out this ‘Watermelon’ Cake!
Watermelon Cake
The kids can help you with these ‘Frog’ Cupcakes
Frog Cupcakes
Make a special girl in your like a ‘Butterfly’ Cake!
Butterfly Cake
These are all so adorable and with easy Instructions and simple ingredients you’ll feel much accomplished after creating these at home!

Find all these recipes & more on the 

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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